Re: [IC-7000] Re: Icom 7000 Remote operation using HRD


I have an easy digi.  Can I bleed off some of the sound card audio through a resistor and charge a small cap to energize the ptt in the easy digi?  Seems like this would make a remote vox.

On Sun, Mar 3, 2019, 7:44 PM J.D. Barron <jeter.d.barron@...> wrote:
The accy input on the back will not send audio to the transmitter unless the accy ptt is low. It also keeps the mike in the rear jack from sending audio to the transmitter during digital transmissions that are enabled by the accy PTT.
If you want to use the VOX in the IC7000 you would have to use the 8 pin mod jack on the rear that the mike normally plugs into.
Basically if you use the 6 pin jack for digital you need to derive the PTT to enable the transmit with audio outside of the radio in the sound card or TNC.
I have been working on this to get the PTT from a vox built into the Digi-Easy instead of the RTS from RS232

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