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Ya since radio shack left town this very small community. I’m location is so ez to find, just find Oregon and California coast, Pacific Ocean put your finger on the point they intersect that is where I live and there is mail order.

Chris WB8YPO

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Just as an FYI,


I do not believe ICOM makes a cable for this purpose.  If they did, I’m certain it would be quite pricey, as most of their cables.


It would be best to get a 1/8’’ male plug to RCA Female adapter (link below), and use a cable similar to the one listed below in the previous e-mail, as your monitor has an RCA video input:




Or if you enjoy making up cables, you can “roll your own” with single conductor shielded cable, a male 1/8” plug and a female RCA jack.


I would normally route you to Radio Shack, but alas………


’73 de JIM N2ZZ



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That fits the bill.  But I does not have the 1/8 male plug into the radio.  I was hoping if someone new of a source for the 7000.

Does Icom make a cable for this application.


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Hi all

I’m looking for video cable for my ic7000. I’m trying to get a video to a 10 inch monitor. The video plug on the monitor is a female RCA plug. So I’m in search for a good cable. Thanks to every one that can help. 

Chris WB8YPO. 




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