Re: IC7000 remote socket

Tony Levitt


I understand now pin 3 must be for HF linear operation and 3+7 for VHF/UHF.

I have used CI-V and the ptt works on HF 2+70 but have a comms problem it fails after a few operations saying that it can not read the frequency so I abandoned that approach.



On 16/02/2019 09:31, Branko wrote:
Maybe I was not precise enough. I use ACC 13 pin DIN socket . For VHF and UHV band need to connect pin 3 and pin 7 for PTT .
Pin 3 is for operation up to 50 MHz and pin 7 is for 2m and 70cm work.
Pin 3 and pin 7 need to be connected !!!

sub, 16. velj 2019. u 09:11 Tony Levitt <g4efxmobile@...> napisao je:

Thanks Robin I will have to make a new lead and give it a try.

Tony G4EFX

On 15/02/2019 20:02, Robin Williams wrote:
I think you have to use the 6 pin socket to get ptt on vhf/uhf 
Robin zl3rew

On Sat, 16 Feb 2019 01:49 <g4efxmobile@... wrote:
Am using the 7000 for FT8 and using the accessory socket to interface to the pc via a commercial interface lead (am not using CI-V) everything works on all the HF bands including 50Mhz
no problems but the ptt is not working on VHF/UHF have checked all the menu setting but can't find an option to enable/disable on VHF/UHF


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