Re: IC-7000 and IC-7800 to PW-1 Cable

Steve Draper


You will need the OPC-599 cable adapter which converts the 13 pin accessory plug to the normal 7 and 8 pin connections. Then you can use a normal accessory cable between the adapter and PW-1. You will also need a CIV cable (1/8 inch) of course.

Steve VE7FM

On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 3:07 PM Bill M <bmarx@...> wrote:
I couldn't find exactly what I needed in past messages. I googled it and also checked eBay.

I want to add my IC-7800 to my PW-1. I currently have the 7800 connected. Who makes the cable for this? I need the ACC cable.
Bill W2CQ

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