Re: the end of IC-706 saga?

Ya`akov N. Miles <ve7alq@...>

--- In, "nicolasc33" <javier_ebay@h...> wrote:
I was looking in online search. They claim in
its homepage "We carry the complete Icom amateur line. If you do
see a product listed here, please call." and the IC-706-MKIIG it is
not for sale, it has got 21 sales references for it, including the
removable head, but the rig itself it is not for sale. If I am
it has been removed form the online catalog.
Both Ham Radio Outlet
and Universal Radio

still list the ic706mkiig on-line at a cost of about USD$950.
I just finished purchasing my second ic706mkiig in Canada for
CDN$1199 which works out to about the same price, once the
foreign exchange is taken into consideration.

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