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Norm Stewart

Assuming you have the 993 interface cable in the 7k 4 pin tuner port,  there does seem to be a problem with some radios - my 993 tuner worked fine with a 706, but the same cable did not work with the 706MKIIg or the 7000.  I assume that the start line is not being pulled low enough by the radio to trigger the tuning. I put an external push button to momentarily ground  the start line, and all works as expected with both of the newer radios. 



On 9/13/2018 2:22 AM, MARCO EVANGELISTA wrote:
my 7000 is connected to the radio port of a MFJ-993B tuner.
Unfortunately, the tune button on the 7000 does not trigger the low power keying of the transmitter. The TUNE message on the display lights up for a moment but then goes out immediatly afterwards.
Note that the 993B tunes up well when I manually set low power and RTTY mode and push the PTT.
I need your help!
Thank you.
Marco IU8HXM

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