Re: My IC7000 no workin at 50 mhz and uhf

Steve W3AHL

What are the visible symptom details when it "stops working and crashes"?  Is the display panel blank?  If you switch to a programmed memory channel in the 6M band instead of using the UP band button does it still fail?  Does it always do this or only after being used for a while (heat  related?).

In UHF does it have the same problem as when going to 50 MHz?  Your sentence says "same problem" but then also "nothing dead everything works".  I assume you meant "everything dead, nothing works" maybe?

It sounds like a Logic board problem or flex cable problem.  Has the unit been modified or serviced recently?  Have you tried doing a CPU reset (page 25 of English user manual, erases all memory channels)?

Your English is much better than my Italian!

Steve, W3AHL

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