the end of IC-706 saga?

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

I was looking in online search. They claim in
its homepage "We carry the complete Icom amateur line. If you do not
see a product listed here, please call." and the IC-706-MKIIG it is
not for sale, it has got 21 sales references for it, including the
removable head, but the rig itself it is not for sale. If I am right
it has been removed form the online catalog.

It is still listed in their PDF general catalog for 799.95 USD but it
does not come on the online catalog.

Any of you in the US would mind to phone them at 800-221-7735 and
maybe post the reason for the IC-706 removal? maybe the IC-7000?

Major european seller removed last month from its
online catalog the IC-7400 (IC-746PRO) but replaced it after few

Same rumours as for the IC-7000 have circulated about a IC-746PROII,
and both rigs (706 & 746PRO) have had price cuts lately in the
spanish market.

Javier EA4CWY

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