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Set up an external monitor of appropriate size (maybe 7 to 14 inch diagonal {maximum}).  I use a 7 inch Sharper Image battery set that KB0XA used to make up a set of cables for direct connction to the 7000.  It's what I use in my Go-Box for Field Day.  Monitor MUST accept composite video.  An older analog TV would work just fine.

I'm quite sure that Don has quite doing these kits, though.
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Subject: [ic7000] IC-7000 Outdoors

Several weeks ago I took my IC-7000 to Galveston and used it to activate the Tall Ship Elissa for Museum Ships Weekend.  Our station was setup on the pier along side the ship under an awning.  Bright sun streamed in from all sides.  The display of the IC-7000 was not really visible.  I made a shade from a cardboard box, which helped but was not satisfactory.  I was able to use the logging software on my laptop to get things up and running, but the situation was not a good one.  I'm looking for any suggestions to improve the situation for future outdoor operation,

Thanks in advance,

Robie - AJ4F

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