Re: An auto tuner for my IC-7000

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I've been using an it100 but..,,also damaged my rig three times !!!! Last years field day was the first id used it since the last repair and after 6 hrs or so, used on cw and/or rtty, it crapped out again, only about 15 to 20w sat until recently when i emailed Matt at SAR in Michigan and he asked me call him....first thing he asked was am i using a LDG tuner....apparently the 7000 doesn't like the rapid switching and swr spikes caused by the tuner....debating whether to fix it again, or try to sell as is..,,receive is fine and vhf/uhf transmit fine, just very low output on hf....

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I am using an LDG for both the 7000 as well as the 7100. The AT200PROII

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