Re: IC-7000 and LDG IT-100 ,trouble ?!?!?!


I have an IC-7000 and I bought an LDG AT-200 PRO II this week.  The tuner really acts erratic & now it's on it's way back to the store from where I bought it.
I also noticed that the SWR varies way too fast during  a tune cycle.  The tuner even wants to spend a long time trying to tune a resonant antenna while
subjecting the 7000 to very high SWR.  The 2000 memories that the LDG claims to have doesn't seem to work.  The tuner wants to tune almost all the time.
Oh, when placing the tuner in bypass mode and using a dummy load as the antenna the LDG's  LED SWR meter reads almost 2:1  while the IC-7000 is seeing 1:1.

Good luck and I understand Matt at SARTS does excellent work.

Ron  W4UT

On 5/2/2018 9:29 PM, WW3S wrote:
My IC-7000 crapped out, again, at Field day last year, no , or low power on HF, (don’t think it’s the fuse problem, as the power cord is not fused, connects to a rigrunner)...second time it happened. and Field day was the first time back on the air after the other repair.....I was talking to Matt at SARTS and he asked if by chance I was using an LDG tuner, which I have been, both time it did this , and he said for some reason the 7000 doesn’t like the LDG tuner, that even though its on low power, when it does it search the SWR varies too much too fast.....any one else experience this.....the radio works fin on VHF/UHF, and receives fine on HF, but only puts out about 15-20 watts or so....Matt suspects it’s the finals, but the previous repairs had something to do with the driver circuitry....

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