Re: An auto tuner for my IC-7000

Bob Rodgers <kc4tvo@...>

The IT-100 requires that you tune it with the front button or the tune button on the radio, it is not fully automatic.  That is not really evident from the description.  The 100 or 200 Pro II are automatic.


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Subject: Re: [ic7000] An auto tuner for my IC-7000


The one that is produced for that rig - the IT-100. I also use the paired tuner for an 897.


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MAX, what ldg model are you using?
 Thanks, Phil, Prescott, AZ

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I run a 7000 mobile with the respective LDG model at the back end of it, into a 102" whip, or long wire if parked up - not had a problem and copes well.  73 Max/M0VNG


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Subject: [ic7000] An auto tuner for my IC-7000


I would like to purchase an automatic tuner for my 7k. I have selected the MFJ-939I and the MFJ-993B.
 I would prefer the latter, as it is way more versatile. However, as far as I have understood, when I change frequency, the 939I tunes up without the need to push the "tune" button, while the 993B requires button pushing.
Have I understood well? 
Any recommendations for a good tuner?
73 Marco

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