Re: Help. Leaving on my boat to cross pacific at end of week, and just broke my Ic-7000

Mark Schoonover


After changing the diodes around, did you do a full factory reset? Maybe you did, you didn't mention it in your email.

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 1:43 PM, Guy Stevens <guy@...> wrote:

Hey there guys,
Hoping that someone can come through.
I am on a boat. We have everything set up to cross the pacific, we are supposed to leave on Saturday from La Paz.
The Icom 7000 is my primary communication system for the crossing.
Being stressed about the crossing, and wanting to get things checked off my list, I decided to open the radio for wide band transmit in case I needed to talk on Marine SSB freqs.

Unfortunately I had already done this modification, and the first mod I clicked on said I was supposed to remove 2 diodes, So I removed 2172 and had already removed 2170. The radio is now pretty deaf. I put the diode that I had removed from 2170 into the space in 2172 and re-soldered it, but no luck. S meter doesn't work right and it is mostly deaf. My whole station is set up for this radio, and I know how to use it. I can't fathom getting a new different radio in the time I have. (My crew could walk into HRO in oakland and grab whatever, but it wouldn't fit the setup I have on the boat.)

So I am in La Paz Mexico and have crew coming down on Friday from California.

Anyone want to sell me their Icom 7000, and ship it Fed Ex to my crew in CA?

I am not new in the Ham world and I am happy to call you on the phone, you call me on the phone, whatever, and provide any number of ways that you can verify who I am. This isn't a scam. I am in a pickle and need the help.

Guy Stevens

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