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Thanks I’ll try that

On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 4:34 AM -0700, "James F. Boehner, MD via Groups.Io" <jboehner01@...> wrote:

Yes. The power supply is staying at 13.5 volts, but strip each wire a bit between the fuses and the radio and measure the voltage there when you transmit.


When the fuse holder was the culprit, sometimes removing and reinserting the fuses several times temporarily fixed the problem..


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Jim on the fuse you are talking about the fuse on the power cable.   Right


Chris WB8YPO 


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This is redundant to the last post, but the IC-7000’s had a major problem with the supplied fuse connectors and fuses. Even if not visibly corroded, this resulted in a major voltage drop, and caused the radio to behave like you describe. The 7000’s are very finicky on voltage.   Before you send it off for repair, it would serve you well to remove the fuse holders from the circuit entirely.  I have done so, and I connect the radio with power poles to a power pole strip that is fused.


I don’t remember the current requirement for the radio on transmit, but have at least a 20 Amp 12 VDC supply.


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Yep check that I just can’t find a reason for it. At fist I thought RF was the caused.  But that turned out not the cause.  It’s only when you key the mike it shuts down and restarts.


Chris WB8YPO


On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 8:03 PM -0700, "Alex Netherton" <w5alx-groups@...> wrote:

Make absolutely sure the fuses are not corroded and there is no voltage drop at the rig. When you key, check that the voltage does not drop too much, or the rig will shut down.

73 de W5ALX

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Alex Netherton

On March 24, 2018 at 10:39:31 PM, Chris (wb8ypo@frontiercom) wrote:

I have a ic 7000 that is giving me fits. What is happening. When I transmit the radio shuts down.  I have even tried it as one radio that is not separated. Any ideas out there would be helpful.  I’m just about to send it in if I can’t get a fix.  

Chris wb8ypo


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