Radio goes deaf when changing frequencies

Scott Remington

Hello All:

I've had my IC-7k for several years now and seen very little transmit time.  Mostly I use it to (try to) listen to the Shortwave Radiogram transmissions on the weekend.  A few months ago I began noticing that right after I turn the radio on and when it's cold, the receiver would go deaf when I change frequencies with the dial.  I'm not spinning the dial very fast and most of the time I'm in AM mode and anywhere from 5 MHz to 20 MHz.  Basically the background noise is reduced in level.  When this happens, I simply power cycle the radio and receive sensitivity comes back.  I got around this problem by simply turning the radio on Friday evenings to let it warm up and be ready for the weekend activities.  Lately it's gotten a LOT worse.  Tonight I could barely go more than a few kHz before sensitivity would go away.  I've also noticed that at times AM transmissions just don't sound "right".  I would switch to either LSB or USB and could tell the radio was off frequency.  Power cycling again and sideband reception sounds just like AM (well, as close as a dual sideband AM transmission could).  There's a local AM transmitter a couple miles from my home and before I could tune to the station and listen without issue.  It would be 60+ dB over but I could still receive it.  Enabling the attenuator dropped the signal strength as expected.  Tonight however, there was nothing I could do to bring that station in.  As I tuned toward it, the signal level would rise quickly and then the radio would go deaf.  If I enabled the attenuator, still deaf.  If I power cycled with the attenuator enabled, I'd get a fraction of a second of audio before it would go deaf.

Any ideas what could be going on with this thing?  This radio has had a pretty sheltered life and when it's been off, the antenna has been grounded, so I'd most likely discount any static hits.

Thanks in advance!

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