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Steve Draper

I can add that the UHF final is at least one of the easier ones to swap out in the 7000.

Steve VE7FM

On Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 12:39 Paul Hansen <pwhansen@...> wrote:

The 7000 uses separate finals for HF, VHF and UHF but the same driver. I you get full power output on HF and  VHF, I bet the UHF PA is gone. It’s an RD60HUF-1 and they go bad for some reason.


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Paul W. Hansen, W6XA



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Subject: [ic7000] UHF FM Transmit Power



I have a used IC-7000 and am concerned about the UHF FM transmit power.  I think it might have a problem now that I've tested it with a watt/SWR meter.

I know that the UHF spec is lower (35W), but it takes 80% RF power to get only 5W.  At 50% RF power I get about half a watt out.  To compare, it only takes 15% to get 5W on VHF FM  SWR is effectively 1:1 on both bands.

Is this normal or is something probably fried on the UHF side?



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