Re: [IC-7000] IC 7000 to SdrPlay

D C *Mac* Macdonald

George, I doubt that ANY Icom rig can directly key ANY Dow-Key relay!  All of those require considerable amounts of current with the highest current needed for the lowest voltage relays.

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Subject: [IC-7000] IC 7000 to SdrPlay

I have a Dow Key T/R relay that I want to key on transmit
I already have two interfaces one needs 12v on transmit to activate the other needs a N/O to a common (I supply 12v) when transmit both activate a small relay that activates the Dow Key. This system works on other radios have.

On transmit were can a find 12v or a N/O contact that closes on transmit

Thank you

George KF5NAJ

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