Re: [IC-7000] group migration

Roger Taylor

On 10/02/18 13:11, [ic7000] wrote:

Has anyone heard anything about yahoo groups becoming an obsolete
product of Yahoo now that it was acquired by Verizon? There seem to be
missing data already from the files section of some yahoo groups.

I am also member of the Kenwood D710 yahoo group and they are talking
there about migrating to other services to avoid downtime and data loss.
They are mostly taking about, created as they say by the
former creators of yahoo groups that provides easy migration from yahoo
groups to their service.

Perhaps we should take a look at this an consider whether we should move
elsewhere or not.


Why on earth do we need to transfer to a group based in the British
Indian Ocean Territory.

I see a bit too much facebook type speak on their homepage.

Most importantly I can see nothing that says there is an email delivery
option which I use and they have integration with facebook so I vote
again this plan.

Roger, GW4HZA

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