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As a general rule, most "flex" style cables have gates on the companion connectors that must be raised to release the cable. Failure to do that will result in torn-up cables. The "gate" is usually a small plastic "cap", that is usually a contrasting color, on one side of the cable entry point that can be lifted at each end to free the cable. On re-insertion, you want to push the "gate" back down to capture the cable and move the contacts into position.

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Removing the PA board or analog board requires removing the two ribbon cables at the rear.
After sitting there for ten years they won't like to be pulled out.
Easy to destroy them. Parts of the solder coated contact strips come off, and then later when re-inserting them, they fail completely.

Before re-inserting the cables put some contact oil on the ends.
I used non-oxidizing weapon oil sometimes, when no contact cleaner was available.

Their prices are reasonable, and the service is perfect.
The number is the original ICOM part number.
You need two pieces of course.

I have found another source on Aliexpress, but not yet received my orders.


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