Re: [IC-7000] Re: Accessory DIN Socket

Roger Taylor

The DATA port does not have a 12V OP so you still end up using the ACC
port to power your interface so you end up using 2 sockets instead of
just one one.

Roger, GW4HZA.

On 28/01/18 14:16, [ic7000] wrote:
The DATA port is the preferred interface for digital modes, which would
free up the ACC port for other uses.

How will not using the ACC port for digital eliminate the ability to
auto log?  That info is typically obtained from the CI-V interface.

Steve, W3AHL

---In, <k3ssb@...> wrote :

Good Afternoon Group:

I recently acquired a linear amplifier and was pondering over how to
hook it up, the ACC socket is where I have my computer and digital comms
programs currently running.

Sure, I could swap out the cables from digital operations to the running
the amplifier on SSB/CW. But that would eliminate the ability to auto
log... carrying this to the extreme... what if one wanted to operate
with all of the following:

* Digitally operations
* Tuner
* Amplifier

I probably answered my own questions... in that it's not possible (with
the IC-7000). Are there any workarounds?.

tnx es 73 de K3SSB

Tom G, Sr.

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