Re: [IC-7000] Re: Digital Modes and CAT on IC7000

Helmut Wabnig

On 24 Jan 2018 23:07:23 +0000, you wrote:


As I could see there are positive reviews for xggcomms (and the FTDI chipset that these cables use) so I proceeded with ordering a Digimode-1-Icom cable from their ebay shop. The seller is indeed really helpful and quick to reply as Dale has mentioned.

This cable offers 600:600 ohms isolation for audio, Opto isolation for PTT, connection to CI-V for CAT and PTT using either RTS signal or CAT.. The missing feature related to signalink is the external sound card, so I plan to use a 3rd party USB external sound card to separate digital operation sounds from other computer sounds. Audio levels can be configured from the computer.
I am using a ROLAND EDIROL UA-25 ex USB audio interface, everything
directly connected, no optocouplers, no transformers, and a selfmade
USB to serial PTT with one open collector transistor,
also DC connected to a laptop PC with docking station.

It works and there are no line noise and other interferences,
audio clear down to -90dB.
But it took me quite a lot of work to get the noise down.
Shielding and grounding are my specialty :-)
I only want to say, optcouplers and transformers may help or not,
depending on one's electronics skills.


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