Re: Icom IC-F7000?

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

My reference for price estimate is at least 1.100 Euro (here),
without a tuner. That is about 1.430 USD But taking in account,
general price differences Spain/USA, I would guess an USA price more
in the 1100 range than 1900.

Reduced prices of 706-II-G and 746PRO were 880 and 1480 Euro, That is
1144 and 1.924 USD, in here. Yaesu FT897D sells for (silly) 1250 USD
here. I guess price (in local dealer) of rigs here are about 130% the
price of an USA large dealer I check in internet (texas towers). I
guess price in local dealers there can be higher too.

Anyway ICOM is having an agresive price policy here, and is leading
the market. Price of accesories a bit high.

Regarding band scanner (if any) just to remember that 746PRO's is an
off-line scanner.

I figure out the rig to be a 706 ┬┐larger? with IF-DSP and some
aditional gadget, at the price of a 706-II-G plus one filter.

Anyway we will not see it here before september at least... So I keep
my eye in the 706 price.. just in case. I would be nice to have the
rig that has the sales record ever.

In the meantime I love my new 746PRO-I. Rabatted price has bounced up
again, that could mean that a possible "II" it is a bit delayed. ┬┐For
Friedrichshafen in late june?.

We have to wait. Like kids in Xmas eve.

Javier EA4CWY

--- In, Huze Laptop <hduff@c...> wrote:
I guess the rumours are getting wreckless now :)
I wonder where the $1900 price caqme from.
The last guestimate of price was $1100ish.

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