Re: [IC-7000] PTT switch on mic

Steve W3AHL

Yes, that C&K switch is similar to the original Alps switches used in 7K mic production, which cost $0.30 from Mouser also.  It is not sealed and is rated for 100,000 cycles.  

The ALPS SKQJLBA010 that Icom upgraded to for repair parts in 2010 (not sure it was ever used in production for HM-151 mic's) is sealed, rated for 500,000 cycles and costs $1.16 from Mouser.   

While no one will probably care about 100K versu 500K cycle rating, it is indicative of the value of sealing the actuator and also subtle improvements to the contact and snap disc design, both of which I would gladly pay an extra $0.86 for to avoid a loss of PTT while mobile or in the field.

Steve, W3AHL

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I found this at Digi-Key,

CKN10053-ND              .28000

Drop in replacement, bought 10 of them over the summer. Yes that's .28 cents ea, 2.80 for the lot .  The shipping was more than the 10 switches.
The switch also fits the mic on my IC208h.  For less than $3.00 you can get a lifetime supply.



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