Re: [IC-7000] PTT switch on mic

Steve W3AHL

I've replaced at least 6 PTT switches over the years and touched up cold solder joints on several more, so it isn't that uncommon.

The original PTT switch was very cheap and was not sealed, so dirt worked its way inside.  This switch has a red plunger.  It is possible to restore operation temporarily using a little contact cleaner squirted around the button and cycling the switch to work the cleaner in.  But the switch should be replaced for a longer term fix.

The new switch has a dark gray button and is sealed, so dirt ingress won't be as much of a problem.  It cannot be cleaned however, since it is sealed.  The Alps SKQJLBA010  part # in a previous post  is the new sealed switch.  I buy them from Mouser.

Note that both switches have special soldering instructions by Alps:  The maximum tip temperature spec is 662 degrees F (350 C) using a 20 watt iron, applying heat for a maximum of 3 seconds to each lead.  No flux solution should be applied to the board or switch leads (just use flux core solder).

Exceeding the temperature or time will cause the aluminum snap disc inside to oxidize, resulting in poor contact.  The conservative soldering spec is also why some PTT switches have cold solder joints.  But unless you are careful, repairing the solder joints on the switch leads will then result in eventual failure due to oxidation of the snap disc.

I haven't had any of the new sealed switches fail since I started using them on 10/27/10.

Steve, W3AHL

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That's a first.   I've not heard of the PTT mirco switch failing.   Usually its the microphone cord (especially near the RJ-45 connectors) that fails.

Steve WA8Y

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The push to talk button on my ic7000 microphone is not working. I found that the small microswitch is bad. Does anyone know the part number for that switch or an acceptable substitute?




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