Re: [IC-7000] Using the 13 pin ACC socket for PTT

Roger Taylor

Thank you for your thoughts Steve

I think I'll try the 68K ohm resistor idea next week.

I do have a lot of problems with RF feedback anyway which was the
inspiration for this project. I may well experiment with the data port
next week as well.

The pin 11 audio output is a little lower than I would like but just
about good enough and I'm decoding more than using the loudspeaker output.

Roger, GW4HZA

On 30/11/17 01:10, [ic7000] wrote:
The terminal strip may be convenient, but if it leaves the wires unshielded, RFI may be a problem. On the 7K ACC port pin 10 (audio input) is especially prone to picking up RF, as I noted in a recent prior post. Pin 11 (audio output) may be a problem also, depending on the device it is connected to.

On slow digital modes you may just notice more scrambled characters. On Pactor, even with an intact cable shield properly terminated, a little RF near the cable can prevent connecting (especially when operating portable with a less than ideal antenna and ground).

I always put a 68K ohm resistor in series with pin 10, inside the DIN-13 connector shield and increase the audio level to the 7K. This reduces the ratio of RFI to audio. This fix is documented in the Winlink FAQ since it was such a ccommon problem.

The better solution is to use the DATA port in the 7K, but the ACC port can work....

Steve, W3AHL

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On Nov 29, 2017, at 05:36, Roger groups@... mailto:groups@... [ic7000] <> wrote:

I'm planning to use the 13 pin ACC socket for FT8 and other digital
modes and the manual is not clear to me in respect to the PTT. In case
you're wondering why I don't use the DATA socket I'm intend to make use
of the 13.8V output to power the interface.

I believe that to use this socket as a PTT on all bands I have to set
"VSEND Select" to "Off" and use pin 3 to transmit.

An I correct or what should I be doing?

73 and kind regards

Roger, GW4HZA

When I do a new radio, I take all pinouts from any socket out to terminal strips, on the back of the desk.

Maybe I will never use some, but they are ready and I never have to move the radio or take the &*%$# Din plug apart again.

LDG used to make such a box, but not listed.

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