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You can use the mike jack and speaker jack to connect the radio to the computer.  You should use some sort of isolation, such as transformers.

I am at the same juncture that you are at setting up a digital station.  I want to try 6 meter JT8 mode digital with my Elecraft K3. 

I have two choices that I see for my situation.  The first choice is to buy a cheap $5-10 sound card off of eBay, make up some cables, and roll my own. Then I'm on my own to make it work with little or no support.  I may take this route, but my time constraints and frustration factors come to mind.

The second choice would be to purchase a product like the Tiger Signalink USB sound card and the cable kit for the radio.  This option is the easiest plug-and-play way to get started and provides you reasonable telephone support to get it up and running.  There are probably many ham users out there with the IC-7000--Signalink---HRD setup out there that can also help you.  You say that you have the paid version of HRD so they should be able to help you too.  Lots of support available in this second option.  There may also be some YahooGroups lists that can help.

If you do choose buying something like the Signalink or RigBlaster I suggest that you look at the online reviews first.

73, Joe, K1ike

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But how does the audio get from the Rig to the computer ?


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