Re: IC 7000 versions.

Steve W3AHL

Serial #'s beginning with 10 were made for the UK.  See the back cover of the User Manual at:  

I believe additional versions were added after that manual was released, mainly due to changes in frequency/band plans for some countries that resulted in different default configuration diode settings from the factory.  

There are more details and additional versions in a spreadsheet in this Group's Files section as  "-Manufacture_date_vs_Serial_Numbers+v1.xlsx"

I am not aware of any of the version prefixes changing as a result of periodic circuit board design updates.  These were generally tracked by the sequence part of the serial #, although I have not seem any official list of these cut-in serial #'s or dates.

Steve, W3AHL

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Hi All. had a look. Does anyone have a list of the versions and where they were built for. In particular version 10. cheers, Robin zl3rew

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