IC-7000 x2 transmitts on mic while on data send

Mystic Treg

​I am sending data though the 13-pin data connection using a signal link.

According to page 116 of the manual, (screen shot follows, and is attached):

[image: Inline image]

"When the PPT P goes to ground, it will disconnect the pin 6 of [mic]."

However, it seems to not be doing this - when the system transmits, it also
transmits the mic, so there is an audio feed over and interfering with the
data feed.

Is there a setting on the IC-7000 that I am missing? I have two radios,
both do it, same SignalLink USB, doesn't matter if [MIC] is on the face or

Has anyone else solved this problem?

J Tregre,
on behalf of
Her Imperial Majesty,
Mystic, Kitty

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