I need a Logic board and ribbon cables

Tom Courtney

Hi I purchased a dead 7K and the radio s/n 28010xx does power up but didn't post, so I removed the logic board and noticed it has a popped chip with a small piece missing its IC1218 on the underside of the logic board, I tried the head on my other 7K and it works fine, so I tried my good logic can in the broken radio, it 

powered up and posted, band switching is OK and Mode switching is OK and looks promising but the video on the screen is running sideways and is not readable, I have read thru the posts and a problem like this was mentioned with faulty ribbon cables, this is an export PAL type with the 4.43 ref Xtal, but a NTSC Logic board will be fine as I can change the rock. Anybody got a good Logic Board that they will sell?  Thanks in advance Tom VK4DDG

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