Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 vs Yaesu FT-450?

Kenneth Dyer

I first purchased my current IC-7000 in late 2004 in Saudi Arabia it was fitted into my Ford expedition, I was working on the East West pipeline between the gulf and the red sea where the temp was in excess of 40c and was used extensively until 2009. It was then transferred to a GMC SUV until 2014 when I was repatriated back to UK, it is now fitted into a Suzuki SUV to date.


I have conducted  some 15000 QSO’s 12000 in pileups from HZland and it has performed outstandingly.




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I'd be interested in comments from those with experience etc if choosing between either of these radios used (the 450 has the internal ATU fitted).


Which one do you prefer and why?


Is there a clear winner?


What about the stories of the IC-7000 running hot / popping finals?


I know this is subjective, that's fine. I'm just interested in experiences, observations, analysis, especially from those who consider themselves knowledgeable :)


Most of the use of the radio will be for digital modes such as JT65 / FT8 with some SSB rag-chewing thrown in.


Many thanks




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