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Steve W3AHL

You should NEVER coat low pressure / high current contacts with dielectric grease!  Not the Icom fuse holders nor automotive light bulb contacts.  

It can be used to help seal O-rings or rubber seals meant to keep moisture out and also on some threaded connections like PL-259's where there is adequate pressure between well-tightened connectors to ensure a low resistance connection and help keep moisture out.  

Replace the Icom fuse holders with a correctly designed one.  They  cost less than $5 and take 15 minutes to install.  Cleaning the fuse holders and fuse blades is a very temporary fix to long term problem.  It's sad that after 11 years this problem is still being debated.

A product like Boeshield T-9 could be used after correct fuse holders are installed.  If they have enough contact pressure to bite through the oxide layer and form a gas-tight joint, then applying a thin waxy coating should do no harm and could prevent corrosion.  But in most applications that shouldn't be necessary, in my experience.  If the fuse is in a water-spray environment, then it should be in a sealed enclosure of some type.

Steve, W3AHL

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. . . By the way, Icom got screwed by a vendor who provided substandard fuse holders. Quite often simply cleaning the fuses will fix the problem temporarily. 

The real solution is to replace the fuse holders. Also If your cable run is more than 4 feet I usually recommend running four 8 AWG power wires. Two for the positive and two for negative lead. I splice them down at the fuse holder pigtails which I replaced with ATM fuses. . . . 


I had an IC-706 in my sailboat, in salt water, for many years.  The fuse holders were similar to the IC-7000 holders.

When I installed the wiring, I spritzed Boeshield T-9 into the fuse holders.  It's a combination of soft wax, corrosion retardants, and penetrating oil.  The oil evaporates.

I never had any problems with fuse corrosion.  

I think you'd have equal success, if you covered the fuse contacts in dielectric silicone grease, which is used for protecting battery terminals from corrosion.  It's available in any auto-parts store.  

For Boeshield T-9, any marine store should have it.

.    Charles / VA7CPC


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