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Simon Thompson

Boeshield is awesome stuff. Lee Valley sells it; if you have any kind of problems with corrosion, a little spray of Boeshield protects just about any kind of metal. Looooove it.

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. . . By the way, Icom got screwed by a vendor who provided substandard fuse holders. Quite often simply cleaning the fuses will fix the problem temporarily. 

The real solution is to replace the fuse holders. Also If your cable run is more than 4 feet I usually recommend running four 8 AWG power wires. Two for the positive and two for negative lead. I splice them down at the fuse holder pigtails which I replaced with ATM fuses. . . . 


I had an IC-706 in my sailboat, in salt water, for many years.  The fuse holders were similar to the IC-7000 holders.

When I installed the wiring, I spritzed Boeshield T-9 into the fuse holders.  It's a combination of soft wax, corrosion retardants, and penetrating oil.  The oil evaporates.

I never had any problems with fuse corrosion.  

I think you'd have equal success, if you covered the fuse contacts in dielectric silicone grease, which is used for protecting battery terminals from corrosion.  It's available in any auto-parts store.  

For Boeshield T-9, any marine store should have it.

.    Charles / VA7CPC


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