Re: 6 pin data PTT

Steve W3AHL

Maybe the 4n25 circuit isn't pulling DATA-3 PTT low enough as seen by the CPU port 4 input, which requires less than about 0.65 volts for a logic low level (the spec is I-low < Vcc x 0.2, where Vcc is about 3.2 VDC at the CPU).  But that is after the DATA-3 signal passes through a 3 resistor network of 3.3K ohms to ground, then 3.3k ohms in series and finally 1K ohms to 5 VDC, then to the CPU pin.

That is all inside the shielded LOGIC assembly, so there's no easy way to measure what comes out to the CPU.  Your circuit may not be able to pull it low enough.  What is the voltage on PTT out of the Easy Digi when active?

That's about the only thing it could be, if grounding pin 3 lets it work.

Steve, W3AHL

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is there anyway to get the rig to tx using the 4n25 opto isolator?

I have several Yaesu rigs never a problem using Easy Digi interface for sound card and ptt on them. For the life of me I can not get the 7000 to key and tx audio from the data connector using the opto. I can ground the ptt and rig sends fine so I am missing something just cannot get it sorted. Ant help would be greatly appreciated.

Also if someone would help me with the menu setting for doing JT65 JT9 FT8.


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