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When I was sailing, in the Pacific, I got three years of trouble-free operation from the stock fuse holders.  [I think the IC-706 holders are the same as the IC-7000's.]

My secret was to spritz some Boeshield T-9 into the holders, before inserting the fuses.  That stuff leaves a soft, waxy film, along with anti-corrosion additives.

I suspect that "dielectric grease" (silicone-based) would also work.  Silicones tend to "creep", which is just what's needed in this situation.


Is there a "keep-alive" battery in the IC-7000, to keep the clock running?  If so, could it be failing for the OP ?

.        Charles / VA7CPC

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The most common cause of excessive voltage drop between the power supply and radio is defective fuse holders that Icom uses in the DC supply cable.  They can develop a high resistance connection between the fuse holder contact and the fuse's blade, resulting in a voltage drop of several volts under load.

Removing the fuse and reinserting it may allow the radio to work for a while, but the only permanent solution is to replace the fuse holders with 30-amp automotive style holder with a #10 AWG wire lead (many are only #12 AWG).   Or remove the fuse holders if you always use a fused DC distribution device, such as a RigRunner.

Cleaning the fuse blades and fuse holder contacts will not fix the problem in the long term.  The Icom fuse holder contact design doesn't not bite through the oxide layer on the fuse blade, like a proper ATC-style holder should.  A good fuse holder will leave a visible scratch on the fuse blade after it has been inserted and removed.  This insures a gas-tight connection that will not oxidize under a high current load.

Of course you need to check the power supply output voltage under load, all other connectors or splices in the DC cabling, etc. in addition to the fuse holders.

If you find that excessive voltage drop is not your problem, let us know and we can look at other possible causes.

Steve, W3AHL

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Hello All

I wonder if anyone has had the same problem as i'am having with my 7K.

It's only just started happening, i power up the radio and now have to try to input the date and time but it will not "set"

After a little while the 7K turns it self off, then turns it's self back on then off again, it keeps just repeating off and on like it is trying to reset it's self.

Best regards

Aubrey M0LOW


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