Re: Icom IC-F7000?

Matt Yellen

I don't understand why you people are getting hung up
on the IC-F7000. The F7000 is a commercial radio. It
is not type accepted for the US (I don't think), but
it has been in production for over 1 year.

If there is going to be a new IC-7000, something will
probably be anounced at Dayton. You have seen the
e-mail that came from ICOMs TSR guy.

--- uuhamfl <> wrote:
Please take note that I have discovered an Icom
IC-F7000 commercial
radio on Icom Australia's web site. It is an "ALE"
radio.Their web
is: It is listed under commercial
radios. Could
radio be related to the expected IC-7000?

Tom, K4YAZ

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