Re: Frequency shift from USB/LSB to CW

Charles & Sandra Cohen

The _dial frequency_ (what you see on the display) means different things in different modes.

In SSB voice mode (either USB or LSB), it is the _suppressed carrier frequency_.  That is, if you're in USB mode, a dial frequency of 7.200.000 MHz means that your _actual emissions_ are (roughly) between 7.200.000 and 7.203.000.

In CW mode (either CW/LSB or CW/USB), the dial frequency is the _actual emission frequency_ of the CW signal.   If the dial frequency is 7.200.000 MHz, you are transmitting at exactly 7.200.000 MHz.

If I remember correctly, when you switch modes from CW to SSB, the dial frequency changes by the amount of the CW TONE -- the pitch that the radio gives to a CW signal that is _correctly tuned in_.   That's the same as the "sidetone frequency" you hear, when you close a key (or paddle) and transmit.

The goal is that, switching from CW to SSB, the pitch of a received CW signal doesn't change.  

.        Charles / VA7CPC

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