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Jim Farley, KG4FXV

Don't forget that you could use a relay, using low amperage control voltage from the IC-7000 to switch higher amperage current to the fans.
Jim Farley

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Forced air flow in vehicles like Jeeps can lead to dust build up on external heat sink fins and internal components.  Most component cooling is by radiation off of the body of the component.  Dust build up inside the radio can defeat added cooling outside the case.

If you actually go off-road much you might consider fan filters.  I've used them in Winlink portable kits in Pelican cases.  They keep fingers out of the fan blades too.  Most of the filters are too coarse to stop dust so I add 3M filter media (but not too fine or it restricts air flow).

Probably not issue if you are mainly on paved roads.

I would probably add a 1 amp fuse between the 7K and fans.  Fans fail...

If you design your box right, using one larger lower-rpm will be more reliable and quieter than several small high-rpm fans.

I'm still not a big fan of voltage boosters, but to each their own.  Good stout wiring to the battery, done correctly, will serve you well.  

Steve, W3AHL

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Thanks Steve.

I figured that the limiting output would be about 1 amp.

I am actually going to hook up several fans to the port. The area where I am installing the rig is rather tight and I need to airflow, not just through the rig, but also out of the small compartment where it is going. I do not want to fans to be on full time, but only when I turn the rig on. I will have to change out my fans for some with a lower current draw. Fortunately, they are not too expensive. One of the items that I will have buried in with the rig is the TGE voltage booster. Lots of planning, some cutting and holes to bore for the little items :)

Real hams drill holes :) Now my Jeep will look like swiss cheese :)

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