Re: [IC-7000] ICOM does it again!

Roger Taylor

The page is still there.  Chrome offered me a translation without asking and did an excellent job.

On 05/04/17 14:47, Milo dma@... [ic7000] wrote:

It's actually still there.  No translation needed, but couldn't figure out how anyway.  Seemed to be a "blank" (not active) page.  No translation was offered.  Must be some trick to get Google to do it.  The only link on the whole page was to iCOM Japan.



On 31-03-2017 23:20, 'James F. Boehner MD' jboehner01@... [ic7000] wrote:



Another revolutionary ICOM product! 


Check it out quickly, as the link may not last past April 1st.


Google translate to English, if unreadable!


’73 de JIM N2ZZ


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