Re: [IC-7000] Good ICOM Tech for repair?


Look for Matt in Michigan, by far the best Icom  shop out there….. its under SAR or SARTS, something like that .….if google can't find him, look in eham  under the review section for repair services

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I am interested too.  I have a oscillation running around in the front end of my 7000.  When operating jt65 you can see it moving back and forth across the waterfall.  Considerably worse if using a test load on the input or if the antenna is not loading correctly.  Somebody gave me the name of someone in or around Wisconsin.  I sent it into to ICOM in Seattle and the charged me $168 and didn't repair it.  Not sure if I want to invest anymore $$$ with them. 

James Brock


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Greetings, all;

My HF (especially) began getting noisy about a week or so ago. I
talked to someone else who said the static has been low. I tried
three different antennas and still noisy.

Now, my radio began turning itself off during transmission. I have an
IT-100 that seems to be doing wonderfully during tuning, and the
transceiver SWR has been reading 1.0-1.5. The radio is also shutting
itself off during transmission on VHF / UHF.

The temperature reading has not been within 3 bars of Hot . . . so I
don't know what is going on.

Can anyone recommend an ICOM tech / location? I seem to remember
reading something earlier, but cannot find it now. Mike, perhaps, in
Wisconsin or Minnesota?

Thanks, all. I have an elmer who will check my system this weekend,
but he's not a tech and quick to say that.

J Tregre, AG7EG
on behalf of
Her Imperial Majesty,
Mystic, Kitty.

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