Re: [IC-7000] Good ICOM Tech for repair?

James Brock <jamesbrock@...>

I am interested too.  I have a oscillation running around in the front end of my 7000.  When operating jt65 you can see it moving back and forth across the waterfall.  Considerably worse if using a test load on the input or if the antenna is not loading correctly.  Somebody gave me the name of someone in or around Wisconsin.  I sent it into to ICOM in Seattle and the charged me $168 and didn't repair it.  Not sure if I want to invest anymore $$$ with them. 

James Brock


On Thursday, March 30, 2017 8:27 PM, "Mystic Treg mystictreg@... [ic7000]" <ic7000@...> wrote:

Greetings, all;

My HF (especially) began getting noisy about a week or so ago. I
talked to someone else who said the static has been low. I tried
three different antennas and still noisy.

Now, my radio began turning itself off during transmission. I have an
IT-100 that seems to be doing wonderfully during tuning, and the
transceiver SWR has been reading 1.0-1.5. The radio is also shutting
itself off during transmission on VHF / UHF.

The temperature reading has not been within 3 bars of Hot . . . so I
don't know what is going on.

Can anyone recommend an ICOM tech / location? I seem to remember
reading something earlier, but cannot find it now. Mike, perhaps, in
Wisconsin or Minnesota?

Thanks, all. I have an elmer who will check my system this weekend,
but he's not a tech and quick to say that.

J Tregre, AG7EG
on behalf of
Her Imperial Majesty,
Mystic, Kitty.

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