Re: Icom IC-F7000?

Huze@work <hduff@...>

Your comment is equally as interesting.
I don't see why it couldn't be a similar size as the 706.
Unless they decide in the interim to add a built-in ATU,
why do you think it would be and as large as the TS-480 ?

Hugh VA3TO

MKM wrote:

Interesting comment...we do not know yet the size of the housing.

Earlier reports indicated 20mm shorter compared to the 706 but I doubt it. I think it will be about the size of the Kenwood 480.

On May 1, 2005, at 5:45 PM, Per Eriksson wrote:

It has nothing to do with the upcoming IC-7000 except the size of the



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Skickat: den 1 maj 2005 14:43
�mne: [ic7000] Icom IC-F7000?

Please take note that I have discovered an Icom IC-F7000 commercial
radio on Icom Australia's web site. It is an "ALE" radio.Their web
is: It is listed under commercial radios. Could
radio be related to the expected IC-7000?

Tom, K4YAZ

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