Re: [IC-7000] CI-V Jack

Roger Taylor

We were setting up a rig at the Club last night and got bitten by the moving USB ports.

This document gives you an idea how to prevent the moving ports if you're using Windows-

The solution is well documented on line if you're using Linux but I've no idea about Macs.

One thing I noticed is that ICOM don't set the serial number of their ports so you cannot use that method to prevent the dancing.

Roger, GW4HZA

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On Mar 14, 2017, at 22:29, Jeff Fose jlfose@... [ic7000] <ic7000@...> wrote:

It could be that your serial settings got messed up due to the surge.  

Then there is the dancing USB port numbers. They  move around in the dark.  Whatever your OS, Mac and Linux here, unplug everything else.

Power down, plug in only cable with radio attached, boot up.

‘Puter has only one USB thingy to chase.

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