Re: USB to IC-7000 interface and N1MM+

Hank Hanburger

Steve, John and others-

Thanks for the continued thoughts and ideas regarding this unique problem.

As I had mentioned previously I have no problem with this relationship between the 7000 and the RS 20-047 as well as another interface when connected to my Dell desktop or even my old and slow XP Acer netbook and running N1MM+.

It is only when connected to the Lenovo laptop that I get the intermittent operation using N1MM+ or any other radio controlling software.

I have done the change of the CI-V address as well as changing baud rates and it does the same thing regardless of setting.  
By virtue of the fact the system works fine in use with other computers the 1/8 " plug is inserted correctly.

I believe Steve pointed out the difference between the original 706 and the 7000 CI-V circuit which may account for the intermittent issues I have with the Lenovo because the Lenovo works fine with the original 706.

Something tells me that issues exist between the CI-V circuit differences with the 7000 and the levels seen or expected to be seen by the Lenovo laptop USB ports.

Efforts continue but maybe not for long!!  :-)


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