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Milo Austin

Well, I'm no expert KD8TZC, but here goes.  Common sense says that the only thing the 7000 SWR can see is what is right in front of it.  It doesn't "see" the antenna.  Any chance there is a fault between the 7000 and the Tuner?  Any switches, etc.?  Do you have a manual tuner you can replace the LDG with temporarily? The LDG could possibly be giving a wrong tune so it needs to be eliminated as a possibility. Or better yet, an Analyzer so that you know definitively what your antenna impedance etc., is? A separate SWR meter would help you see what may be going on.  These are all tools no ham should be without.  All the computer-controlled fancy automatic stuff is great, until it's not.  Then what?  You need some tools to fall back on.

73, Milo




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I have been away from HAM radio for a few months and I seem to have gone brain dead with how my 7000 operates.  First off, I have a LDG AT100 PRO auto tuner interfaced with my radio.  If I hit the tune button on my rig, it all seems to tune up just fine, but when I start to communicate (JT65) the SWR meter on the rig goes full scale, but the SWR meter on the LDG AT100 is at 1.  Am I doing something wrong?  I thought they always show the same or is the SWR meter on the rig showing the SWR between the tuner and itself?


Sorry for the goofy question... I should know this





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