Re: [IC-7000] Re: USB to IC-7000 interface and N1MM+

Hank Hanburger

Steve et all-

No solution has been found yet, sad to say.  Tried various USB ports on the T510, same results.
I had gone back to earlier driver version from the FTDI site with no change in performance or I should say lack thereof.  BIOS was updated to most current again no joy in mudville.

I was able to read the printing on the chip in the RS 20-047 scanner interface, FT232BL.  A google search identifies this as an FTDI chip and I have downloaded the uptodate drivers.  The T510 machine through device manager in Win 7 sees the port and says it is functioning correctly.

I have ordered a different interface cable from a reputable source and will advise if it makes any difference.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.


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