Re: [IC-7000] Re: USB to IC-7000 interface and N1MM+

Roger Taylor

On 29/11/16 17:28, cpcohen1945@... [ic7000] wrote:


Two suggestions:

a) If you can control the baud rate, run the interface and the rig at a low baud rate.  Sometimes that helps. There's a "CI-V Baud Rate" setting in the IC-7000 menu, item 48.

b) If you are transmitting with the IC-7000, the USB cable is _very_ sensitive to RFI.   Put several ferrites on it, and if possible, coil the cable through the ferrites (i.e., use the ferrite as the core of a toroidal inductor).

If you're not transmitting with the IC-7000, (b) is irrelevant.

.   Charles / VA7CPC
I use a bluetooth interface on my IC-7000 which helps with the RFI problem.

Roger, GW4HZA

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