USB to IC-7000 interface and N1MM+

Hank Hanburger

I have encountered a problem trying to use my formerly reliable Radio Shack scanner interface, RS 20-047, with the 7000 and N1MM+ running on a Lenovo T510 laptop.  Essentially the data between N1MM and the radio is intermittent, ie. when tuning the radio the freq. display does not update reliably if at all nor will clicking on the bandmap display shift the radios frequency.

I have used this interface with the 7000 and N1MM+ on a Dell desktop running the same OS and other computers with no problem and I did have to go to the FTDI web site to download drivers to enable the Lenovo to even see the interface as a USB to serial device.  I am suspecting an issue with the Lenovo yet, the USB ports do work correctly with other applications.

Does anyone know if the newer RS interface, 20-546 differs from the older 20-047 device or if anyone has used either successfully with N1MM+ and a Lenovo T41- 510 series laptop?

Perhaps a posting of the issue to the N1MM+ reflector is in order?  I don't have much hair left to pull out!!

Thanks for reading and best holiday wishes to all,




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