Re: IC700 and PRO7 IC headset RFI on my rig

Robert Farey <robert.farey@...>

HI guys 
we here in the uk have even bigger issues with earthing with respect to house wiring. Not only are modern houses not fed by Copper water main pipes or lead as was the case back in he 1950. 
today many houses and residences are fed by plastic water pipe. 
then we have the other issue since about 1970's we have also issues around earthing as the P.M.E. mains supplies where three Phase is fed into a housing estate. this leads to a potential hazard with respect to 440volts being present between adjacent properties. so the whole subject of earthing needs reference back to the local electricity supply company.
                                                       Best Regards Robert G6LLP  ex british telecom engineer. 

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