Re: [IC-7000] IC700 and PRO7 IC headset RFI on my rig

Charles & Sandra Cohen

These "long-wire tuners" are very flexible beasts.

There's not much info in the AH-4 user manual, but SGC has a whole line of them, and there is _extensive_ information on the SGC website:

One of the things that SGC recommends them for, is delta-loop antennas.

I had an SG-230 on my boat, feeding an insulated backstay against two long wires forming a "ground plane". It worked very well. But -- with the boat's interior in the "near field" of the antenna -- I used _lots_ of ferrites!

So, having a delta loop right over the rig might lead to trouble, no matter what tuner is used. The problem may not be _conducted_ RFI, brought in through feedline, but _radiated_ RFI from the antenna.

. CHarles VA7CPC

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