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Colin Christie

Noted chuck.
Thank you

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Just to clarify, the common-mode choke needs to be on both the coax and the control cable to the tuner. The situation with respect to common-mode currents is the same for both cables and there should either be good common-mode chokes on each or together into one common-mode choke. Also, distance for the control cable isn't a problem if reasonable gauge is used and there's proper attention to lightning/impulse protection.
Chuck - N8DNX

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The AH-4 has a control cable to the radio, so mounting at the feed point of distant antenna is not recommended.  Wherever it is mounted the common-mode choke should be place on the coax to the radio AT the tuner.  The AH-4 input and output is inherently unbalanced for any type of antenna, so a VERY GOOD common mode choke is needed
Steve, W3AHL

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